John Holter
We cam in for dinner for my daughters 19 birthday. My wife ordered the shrimp and steak. Everything was good ecept for my wife she felt very bloated after this has turned into a mild case of food poisioning that haas left her layed up for a day now she couldent go in to work as a waitress she feels like she is going to throw up. It might of been either shrimp or meat that was undercooked. And didnt realize it. In future chefs need to be more watchful of food since with all of excitment of show we weren't paying attention to the food. Hope this will be helpful to your bussiness practice...
Deborah O'Hare
St. John’s Parish Outreach & Peggy's Pantry Peggy's Pantry and Parish Outreach is run by St. John the Baptist Church in Wading River.  In addition to being a food pantry our reach extends to emergency requests for help with fuel, electricity, rent medical bills and much more. We also have a Sunday meal program, back to school program, Thanksgiving basket program and Christmas dinner and gift program. Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM we will be holding Our St. Patrick’s Day Gala, this is our main fundraiser. We serve traditional Irish foods, beverages provide entertainment, and raffles. We can use your assistance with the raffle portion of our event. Since the ticket price only covers the food and entertainment, the raffles are where we make our money. We would appreciate any donations that you can contribute. All donations are tax deductible.   We deeply appreciate whatever you can do to help. Thank you, Deborah O’Hare, Outreach Coordinator
Angela Puma
Our first visit was very pleasant. Lunch was excellent. Service was prompt and friendly. Restaurant is beautiful.
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